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Brand-oriented campaign management

There are many ways to advertise your own products on the platforms in a brand-oriented way. As an official Amazon Advertising Partner, we have direct contacts at Amazon and are well informed in advance about any changes, no matter how small, and can implement them directly.

Thanks to our expertise, we achieve the optimal result for every form of advertising and avoid irrelevant playouts that consume budget unnecessarily. Benefit from our up-to-the-minute insider knowledge.


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Sponsored Products

One of the most frequently used forms of advertising are the so-called Sponsored Products (SP), where each click is charged by Amazon. Campaigns can be targeted automatically or manually, i.e. through keywords that you research and define yourself – this way you can achieve the best possible relevance.

Through years of experience, we have the necessary foresight to quickly assess campaigns and uncover optimisation potential. Let our advertising experts show you in detail which forms of advertising you can use for your products and how they work in detail.


Sponsored Brands

The key difference with Sponsored Products is that Sponsored Brands can promote multiple items. Our team accesses the resources of keyword reports and external data to create, monitor and optimise optimally targeted Sponsored Brands.

Sponsored Brands can also be monitored, keywords added and budgets adjusted via our tool. The display of products also includes the display of reviews – so our experts pay attention to which products are currently being promoted so that this does not have a negative impact on conversion.



Our self-developed and fully autonomous system allows us to synchronise extremely frequently with the data on Amazon, controls all operations and plays out content in a targeted manner. All actions are monitored and analysed in our full service by our MiToU-ADV tool. Various filter and alarm functions ensure optimisation through self-developed and extremely successful strategies.

Let our campaign experts advise you on the various possibilities so that your products can be built up and advertised in a targeted manner. You can benefit from our expertise in this area.


Sponsored Display Ads & Video Brands

By choosing the advertising options that are right for your products, we succeed in building your brand and significantly increasing sales. To do this, we use both tried and tested options, as well as new and innovative ones. With Sponsored Display Ads, you can use more advertising space on Amazon to optimally place your products.

Video Brands also create a completely new customer experience with an unimagined conversion rate! We integrate professional advertising clips into your offers and thus achieve a significantly increased attention of buyers.