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We even take care of your piggy bank

At Amazon, parcels are lost in the department stores with constant regularity or are damaged due to improper handling. In these cases, unfortunately, you are usually not informed by Amazon. This is annoying for your customers as well as for you and, in case of emergency, results in returns, complaints, negative reviews and unnecessary costs – not to mention the bureaucratic effort.

This is where our FBA regulator comes into play.


We have your reports and stock automatically checked and monitored by our system.

If we discover an inconsistency, our staff will contact Amazon and try to obtain a refund.


We respond immediately to any queries from Amazon in order to clarify the matter as quickly as possible.

Thanks to our experience in dealing with these cases, we have a very high success rate and know exactly what further information we need to provide to Amazon.


Get to know the advantages of our full service, it’s worth it in any case. Use your time as a retailer more wisely and leave all contact with Amazon and checking whether your lost products have really been refunded to us.

Save not only time and nerves, but also cash – we take care of everything!


The best comes at the end!

Should we be able to find stock and return it to your inventory, this service is completely free of charge for you.

Even after the fact, the amount will then be credited back on the next invoice.