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Bundled expertise

A strong team and profound expertise are the key to long-term success.

Our strategy? Bundled know-how for maximum success.

We rely on the diverse expertise of our team. In this way, we can develop individual strategies that enable us to achieve maximum long-term success together with our clients.


Get to know us

Our team-members are experts in their field and have an answer to all your questions. Sie haben ein Do you have a problem or need advice?

“We’re here for you!”

We combine different skills from different sectors and areas so that we can draw on a wealth of experience. Beeing successful together and in the long term is particularly important to us – we’re not satisfied until you are.


The customer in focus

It is important to us to provide our customers with fixed contact persons who can deal with their concerns as quickly as possible. For this reason, the first contact is always the Consulting team, which answers every enquiry, processes it directly or forwards it to the relevant team without delay.

Our experienced consultants create targeted analyses and concepts to optimise your placement on the various sales platforms. Regardless of whether you are a manufacturer, seller or reseller, we offer customised solutions.

main contact

Effective solutions have top priority. Our consultants work “in-house” hand in hand with all departments and are the most important link between the client and all our teams.

For seamless communication.

full transparency

And so that you know what we are currently working on for you, we are always happy to give you a closer look inside. We have developed our customer portal for this purpose – a tool that allows you to keep an eye on our work, the development of your products and your sales.

precise support

The main task of our consulting team is to find optimal solutions for specific customer issues.

This can be about saving costs, opening up new markets or even a complete reorientation of a company.

Sascha Mertens

Dieter Nikolai

Fabian Klein

Jennifer Blum

Julius Anderseck



Our word acrobats

In order to increase the conversation rate, both good product texts and high findability are decisive instruments – because not every product sells like hot cakes. Our experts customise the content of your offers specifically to your target group.

Our eloquent and creative content team with an eye for relevant details starts with the listing of your articles, ensures a good placement, maintains your stock stand files and creates convincing content day after day. For the perfect appearance of your products.

powerful arguments

You should´nt do without a perfect description of your products under any circumstances! The customer should know the product in as much detail as possible so that no questions remain unanswered.

We formulate appealing and sales-psychological texts for you.

relevant keyword placement

Search engine optimisation (SEO) also plays a major role. We not only search for the relevant keywords for your product, but also place them in the right places. Because these also contribute significantly to the positioning of the search result in the title, bulletpoints and description.

targeted translations

You can take the step onto newly opened platforms abroad quite calmly with us, because we are a competent partner for targeted translations with a satisfaction guarantee.

Present your brand or products professionally on the marketplaces outside Germany too!

Ann-Kristin Gundlach


Kenzo Nakanishi

Jan Bömelburg

Marcel Schade

Daniel Blum

Moritz Ebert



Our creative minds

Are you looking for professional product images for your e-commerce presence? Whether you run your own online shop or are active on one of the many sales platforms – nothing works without really good pictures.

Not only Amazon has precise guidelines on how a product image should look. Professional photos and graphics according to certain guidelines are also the be-all and end-all on all other platforms.

policy-compliant images

We take professional product photos – optimised and compliant for Amazon and eBay. If you do not adhere to the guidelines, you will not only appear amateurish, but you will also be threatened with blocking.

Let us create a unique shop design with high recognition value that will make you stand out from the crowd.

High-end packshots

Your products are perfectly illuminated in the packshot machine and photographed without shadows or reflectionsin high-end quality and high resolution so that even the smallest details are clearly visible.

Extensive retouching is thus minimised and the product is fully in focus.

from one source

With high-quality technology and years of experience, we optimise your e-commerce success. In addition to computer-controlled product photography, we also create interactive 360° animations in a neutral environment. Save the time and money for external photo studios – we take care of creating unique, authentic and brand-appropriate product images for you.

Julien Ménetrat

Sascha Artz

Diego Pérez

Tobias Luke Peplinski



Maximum know-how for maximum success

MiToU is not only an official Amazon Service Provider (SPN), but also an official Advertising Partner of Amazon.Together we will push your Amazon business to the next level. You will always be supported by a personal campaign manager who will keep an eye on all developments for you.

We have the direct link to Amazon!

Due to direct contact persons, we are already well informed in advance about even the smallest changes and can implement them directly.

Benefit from our up-to-date insider knowledge.

We use the full range of all available advertising options – existing results are analysed and combined to optimise the campaigns among themselves. In this way, we achieve the optimal result for each form of advertising and avoid irrelevant playouts that consume budget unnecessarily.


All measures are monitored and analysed in our ‘Full Service‘ by our Adverstising Managers and our MiToU-ADV tool – various filter and alarm functions ensure optimisation through self-developed and extremely successful strategies.

Our autonomous system controls all processes and plays out content in a targeted manner.

Sponsored Brand Campagnes

Sponsored Brand campaigns help you build your brand on Amazon and significantly increase sales. We integrate professional advertising clips into your offers with Video Brands and thus achieve significantly increased attention for your products – a great experience for the customer with an unimagined conversion rate for you!

Sponsored Display Ads

Another important factor to achieve the best possible success together.
Take advantage of more advertising space on Amazon with the Sponsored Display Ads to optimally place your products.

Let us advise you on this topic and benefit from our expertise in this area.

Thorsten Müller

CEO, Teamlead

Tolga Kara

Sofia Stecconi

Manuel Zundel


Keeping an eye on the account health

Having problems with your vendor performance or verification processes? You finally want to break the vicious circle of communication with Amazon? We know this only too well! Our competent Account Health Team around Team Leader Bitho Kievernagel offers you suitable solutions.

On the safe side with MiToU!

Neutral or even negative ratings and reviews can significantly slow down sales figures – a painful experience that does not have to be accepted in every case.

We’ll take care of it and bring everything back to normal.

fast help with blockings

A blocking of individual products or your entire account can happen sooner than you think – and this can mean considerable losses in revenue for you. In this case, an individual plan of action is used and we pull out all the stops to get your account up and running again as quickly as possible.

years of experience

Thanks to years of experience with item and account blocking or negative ratings and reviews, we know what matters or which contacts to turn to.

We keep an eye on your account and take the right steps before negative consequences occur.

our security packages

With our new security packages, we can take away the fear of unnecessary blocking! You can choose between the packages ‘Standard’, ‘Premium’ and ‘Platinum’, each with a term of 12 or 24 months.

If you opt for a 24-month security package, you will receive a 10% discount each month.


The full range of services

We offer our customers the full range of services – whether FBM, FBA or Prime by Seller. Starting with the support of all logistical processes, picking, storage and repackaging of goods, stocktaking, up to the annual inventory.

We are your competent partner!

Full-Service Logistics

It is not profitable for most traders to have their own warehouse and sending the goods to Amazon is expensive.

As a logistics provider, we are constantly expanding our partner network in order to be able to negotiate the best conditions for our customers at all levels. We offer the full range of services.

second location

Our fulfilment team works at our second location, our warehouse in Cologne-Wahn.

On an area of almost 2,000 m², countless products are delivered, picked, temporarily stored, repacked and shipped to the end customer every day.

We accompany all logistical processes.

our team on site

We have been training warehouse logistics specialists since November 2020 and have since been actively supported in this area by our warehouse trainees. Some colleagues in the team are deaf and have found their way through the programme `Handzeichen´ into our company, which we appreciate very much and are happy to support.

Ben Kaupitz


William Cobussen


Sascha Artz