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We adjust the right screws for you

You want to start on a marketplace but don’t know what the necessary steps are? Or you are already active on one or more marketplaces, but keep struggling with seemingly unsolvable problems?

Contact us now, we will take care of it! After an initial conversation, you will receive an overview of the current state and potential of your company in just 30 to 60 minutes – benefit from our experience.


Our most important services at a glance

Due to the individual requirements and wishes of our customers, an extensive portfolio of services has grown up in recent years, which is continuously expanded and optimised. Our drive is to continue to grow with and in line with the needs and wishes of our customers in order to be able to help them individually with the most diverse challenges of e-commerce.

Marketplace Optimization

Brand registration, product listing, text, technology, graphics, etc. We build your products professionally all around.

Full-Service Advertising

Full-service campaign setup and optimisation as an official Amazon Adverstising Partner.

Full-Service Refund

Monitoring and immediate assistance in the event of lost or damaged parcels with the FBA Regulator.

Full-Service Package licensing

Full-service, cost-saving package licensing with MiToU and `Grüner Punkt´.

Safety package for early problem handling

Prevent your items or accounts from being blocked with our security packages.

Immediate help for item & account blocking

Quick support for suspended seller accounts and blocked items.

Translations with satisfaction guarantee

Venture calmly onto international platforms with professional translations.

Fulfillment Service

Storage and logistics handling from A to Z – whether FBM, FBA or Prime by Seller.

Workshops & Webinars

Always up to date through our workshops & webinars with individual theme content.


Getting started with the online giant?

As a trader you have quite a lot to do – the account needs to be created and maintained, products need to be listed and optimised, prices need to be competitive and in the end you also need to advertise your products. For all this, there is often missing time, know-how or the right support.

We offer you 360° support.


What about the big E?

On eBay, you currently reach 185 million buyers in 190 countries.

This makes it all the more important to stand up to the competition and reach the end customers. However, the ranking criteria on eBay are quite different from those on Amazon and can raise questions, especially in terms of product placement.

We place and promote your products effectively.


Why not just do it all?

You have not yet dared to take the step onto new platforms?

Limiting yourself to just one marketplace always means giving up reach and potential customers. The broader you position your company and the more distribution channels you use for your own sales, the better.

We open up new marketplaces with you.


One step at a time

In order to sell successfully on the marketplaces, complex measures that build on each other are required. Often the necessary background knowledge is lacking to sell your products effectively or serious mistakes are made that are very difficult to rectify and can have lasting consequences.

We help you place your products and brands optimally on the marketplaces and avoid mistakes. But our work does not end there. The continuous optimisation and control of all processes are also important components of our work.


Everything starts with an idea – including your success. What are your ideas and goals? Tell us.


We analyse the market and competitors – this keeps you one step ahead of the market.


We help you with planning and strategic orientation – so that your ideas become reality.


Lasting success through continuous optimisation – our focus is on the essentials.


…for lasting success. We continue to accompany you and keep an eye on all developments every day.


…of blockings and other problems, by acting in time – so that you can sleep peacefully.


Quick help with unnecessary blockages

Thanks to years of experience with item and account blocking or negative ratings and reviews, we know what matters.

We keep an eye on your account and take the right steps before there is a significant loss of revenue. With our Account Health security packages, we can take away the fear of unnecessary suspensions!


  • access to the MiToU portal
  • one large account check per month
  • up to 5 item blockings per year
  • 1 plan of action p.a.
  • 12 or 24 months term
  • 10% discount p.m. if you choose 24 months

  • access to the MiToU portal
  • weekly account check
  • one large account check per month
  • up to 10 item blockings per year
  • up to 3 plans of action p.a.
  • rating management
  • review management

  • access to the MiToU portal
  • weekly account check
  • one large account check per month
  • up to 25 item blockings per year
  • up to 6 plans of action p.a.
  • rating management
  • review management
  • personal phone support