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Put your shipping in professional hands

For most traders, having their own warehouse is not profitable and sending the goods to Amazon is expensive. As a logistics provider, we are constantly expanding our partner network in order to be able to negotiate the best conditions for our customers at all levels.

We offer the full range of services – whether storage, FBM, FBA, Prime by Seller or end customer shipping.

Our service

  • interim storage of the goods
  • creation of consignments in AMZ Seller Central
  • fast processing of your goods for forwarding to AMZ
  • calculation of shipping dimensions for a discounted cost model
  • guaranteed daily collection of finished consignments
  • monitoring of the storage process at AMZ
  • early information when stock is running low

Our prices

  • goods receipt and control are charged per employee and per hour or part thereof
  • the storage of your goods is calculated according to the cubic metres used
  • the costs for picking and packing depend on the number of articles
  • materials such as cardboard boxes, filling material, labels, adhesive tape, delivery notes are already included in the calculation
  • we will be happy to provide you with exact prices in a personal meeting

Our warehouse

At our second location, our warehouse in Cologne Wahn, on an area of almost 2,000 m², countless products are delivered, picked, temporarily stored, repacked and shipped to Amazon as well as to end customers every day. We accompany all logistical processes, take over the picking, storage and repackaging of your goods and even do the annual stocktaking for you.

Did you know? We also offer refunds, remeasurements and associated retroactive refunds.