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Immediate help with article and account blocking

Suspended seller accounts and/or articles regularly cause sellers headaches and existential fears, as this can very quickly lead to significant losses in sales. We offer active support for suspended seller accounts and blocked items.

In recent years, we have been able to reactivate several thousand seller accounts with a rate of 95%. This requires not only a basic understanding of the internal checking mechanisms of the various platforms, but also contact with the right people.


Support with expertise

Thanks to years of experience with article and account blockings or even negative ratings and reviews, we know what is important and push the right buttons for you – with a high success rate.

We directly initiate an individual plan of action to have all blockings lifted as quickly as possible.


Individual account analysis

Before we take any further action in the case of a blocking, our team first and foremost carries out an individual account analysis. Because it happens very often that sellers do not pay attention to important details or consider them unimportant and simply ignore them.

We know exactly which important steps need to be taken now in order to avoid unpleasant consequences as far as possible.


Processing time

Unfortunately, we cannot provide any exact information for the duration of a potential reactivation of items or accounts!

The processing time depends on many different factors, such as the responsible administrators of the respective platforms, the communication with the sellers, the completeness of required documents as well as general research.



It is difficult for us to give an exact indication of the costs in advance. Prices for measures taken depend on the effort and degree of difficulty and can be between €1.000 and €5.000, depending on the effort involved.

In order to effectively prevent unnecessary blockings in the future, our Account Health Team will be happy to advise you on the topic of security packages.