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MiToU has many years of experience in selling online and with numerous e-commerce projects. We successfully support our customers in the areas of e-commerce, marketplace optimization, fulfillment, SEO/SEA, social media and branding. Our support is individually adapted to the needs of each individual customer – whether it´s Amazon, eBay,, Rakuten or your own web shop. We don’t see ourselves as an ordinary service provider, we want to be successful together with you in the long term by pooling knowledge and experience. Our service is a meaningful investment.

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Mitou Kreislauf

"Survival of the fittest"

You always have to reckon a change of certain processes, procedures and measures in online trading. Something that works today, may be outdated tomorrow or may violate certain guidelines. Therefore it is important for online merchants to be up to date at any time, to recognize changes at an early stage and first and foremost to act with foresight. It’s not surprising that this always becomes a problem: lack of staff, no proper customer service, lack of knowledge, ineffective advertising and gaps in logistics and returns management… the list of problems that online merchants have to deal with each and every day is long.

A strong partner who takes care of these problems is crucial for success under these circumstances. We at MiToU focus our work exactly on these problems and support online merchants wherever there is a need for action. Just imagine MiToU as your personal employee who has the necessary knowledge and time to take the next step without having to worry about compensating for illness, vacation or lack of employee expertise.

Individual care

You have the idea and we have the necessary experience and capacity to implement it. We offer individual solutions for both, small as well as big companies. Many processes often lack the knowledge, the time or the manpower to implement them. These problems will be a thing of the past in the future: with us you get your own contact person. Our large team consists of e-commerce experts with years of experience and extensive knowledge. So far we have had the appropriate solution for every problem.


We are always at your side with advice and assistance. Whether short-term problem solutions or long-term support - with us you are in safe hands and we take your concerns seriously. We are at your disposal around the clock during our business hours, answer all your questions and can act at short notice. Whether by phone, e-mail, Skype or the in-house MiToU portal, communication with our customers comes first. You will have direct access to our internally developed system and will be able to view the ongoing work at any time.

First-class consulting

Our employees are experts in their field and have an answer to all your questions. Do you have a problem or need consulting? We will help you! Our employees have a wide range of skills from different industries and areas, so we can draw on a great pool of experience. Joint success is particularly important to us. Only if you are satisfied have we done good work.

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As a merchant you have a lot to do – the account needs to be created and maintained, products need to be listed and optimized, prices need to be competitive and in the end you need to advertise your products. The time, the know-how or the right partner are often missing for all of this. This is where we come into the picture and offer you our 360° support.


As a manufacturer who sells his goods directly to Amazon, many time-consuming things such as customer contact, logistics and returns are no longer necessary. For this you have to struggle with tedious contract negotiations, have to live with partly non-transparent cost structures and have no influence on the placement of your products. We take care of these things for you.


Currently you can reach 170 million buyers in 190 countries on eBay. This makes it even more important to succeed against the competition and reach the end customer. The ranking criteria on eBay are nevertheless completely different from those on Amazon and can raise questions about how to place the product correctly. We help you to place and advertise your products effectively.


You always wanted to offer your products on other platforms, but didn’t dare to take the step? Not only Amazon and eBay make sense as sales platforms., Allyouneed or Rakuten, for example, also make sense. The platforms offer you more possibilities to spread your articles widely and to draw the attention of customers to your products.

What our business partners say

As an e-commerce company operating throughout Europe, we are deeply involved in many processes. In many cases, however, there are activities for which there is no time and in which we fully rely on MiToU. Our common objectives are always achieved or even exceeded. In financial terms, MiToU moves flexibly within a very fair price corridor.

My daily routine is scarcely predictable. For this reason, it is important for me to be able to outsource business processes to an experienced partner at short notice. It's great that MiToU doesn't just do the work, it also thinks ahead to move our business forward. By the common and continuous exchange we prevent business blindness and focus further on growth.

Our law firm is specialized in the field of e-commerce. Whether trademark or competition law - we advise large and small sellers. We have been cooperating with MiToU for a long time and we are convinced that MiToU offers highly professional online trading solutions for its customers. We only receive good feedback from our clients.

Many years of e-commerce experience make MiToU a reliable partner for us. Thanks to our trustful cooperation and the feedback of our mutual customers, a very good partnership has developed in the past, which hopefully will last for a long time!

As specialists in the field of dynamic price optimization, SellerLogic enables efficient and fast profit maximization on Amazon. Together with MiToU we have already realized many individual projects with our mutual customers. We look forward to continuing to benefit from the extensive expertise in the future.

The cooperation with MiToU is very much appreciated. As an tool provider, we are repeatedly receiving consulting enquiries, so we are glad to have MiToU as a professional and very experienced agency to which we can forward such enquiries - knowing that our customers are in the safe hands of MiToU.

As an international online retailer, we are by now present in over 100 countries, on a total of 30 marketplaces. The professional team of MiToU has successfully been accompanying our successful growth course for years - always approachable, highly professional and with full dedication. Everything is constantly changing in online trading. MiToU helps us to react flexibly on a daily basis - and above all not to lose the overview. We are glad that we have found such an experienced partner whom we can fully trust.


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We maintain close contact with our customers and our services are completely transparent.

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All services are perfectly adjusted to your requirements and continuously optimised.

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Our passion for e-commerce is reflected in our daily work. The goal: joint success.

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