Amazon services

Tailor-made solutions – whether vendor or seller


The world´s largest marketplace

For general search queries, Google is considered to date to be the unrivaled search engine worldwide. If you look specifically at the area of product search, however, Amazon is right at the top of the list and is even displacing Google. For many consumers, Amazon is the first destination when they are looking for or planning to buy a product. With approximately 85 million customers daily, Amazon is one of the most important platforms for merchants and manufacturers.

The increasing competition and the constantly developing market require professional and above all fast management. Those who do not react to the changes at short notice often risk a significant loss in sales. Use our time and expertise to take your Amazon vendor or seller business to the next level.

Based on valid data and statistics, we define relevant KPI’s for your business and derive the measures decisive for success from these, in the implementation of which we are involved.

We turn your potential customers into paying customers.


You want to get started on Amazon or already have an account? We take care of setting up your account and optimize it continuously. From brand registration to the retailer shop.

  • Account registration and verification process
  • Amazon store setup
  • Trademark registration
  • General communication with Amazon specialist departments
  • Escalation management
  • Customer service
  • Vendor & Seller management
  • Supply chain management

Account health

You have received a bad review, your account has been blocked or your contact reaction time to the customer is too long? We'll take care of it and straighten everything out.

  • Neutral & negative ratings & reviews
  • Optimization of sales performance
  • Creation of action plans for account blocking
  • Defect quotas & guideline values

Advertising & Marketing

Increased product sales and more traffic - we place effective product ads and place them where your customers see them. Completely transparent and comprehensible.

Product management

We develop the perfect SEO plan for your products, find the right keywords, keep an eye on the competition, and align our strategy accordingly.

  • Product data optimization
  • Rating and review management
  • Competitive analysis
  • Product scouting international
  • Potential analysis

Fulfillment management

We keep an eye on the smooth storage and shipping of your items so that your customers receive their goods on time - whether FBA, FBM or Prime-By-Seller.

  • FBA
  • FBM
  • Prime-by-Seller
  • FBA research
  • Monitoring
  • Refunds

Benefit from our expertise

You have problems on Amazon and can recognize yourself in one of the above mentioned topics?