eBay services

Individual strategies for increased sales and more visibility


International marketplace with huge customer base

Originally intended as an online flea market for private individuals, eBay has quickly grown into one of the largest international online marketplaces. In the meantime not only used articles can be bought on eBay, also big companies have discovered the platform for themselves and sell their products there. The biggest difference to other platforms is the possibility to offer products by auction and sell them to the highest bidder.

Account management

In case of problems with the seller account we will handle the general communication.

  • General communication with the seller service
  • Complain and process quantity differences
  • Service status
  • Ratings

Advertising & Marketing

Effective campaign management for increased traffic and revenue.

  • Campaign management

Product management

From dispatch to receipt, we take care of the smooth running of your order processes.

  • Proactive tracking of shipments
  • Processing of ordering processes
  • Item listings
  • Product data optimization

Benefit from our expertise

You have problems on eBay and can recognize yourself in one of the above mentioned topics?