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If you have used one or the other form of Amazon advertising, you are certainly familiar with the terms ACoS, CTR, Click Price, Conversion, SP, PPC, SB, HSA as well as PDA and AMS. There is now a whole range of ways to advertise your products on Amazon in a brand-oriented way.

We would like to explain in more detail which different forms of advertising you can use and how they work, and how MiToU can support you best.

Sponsored Products

Sponsored products (SP) are one of the most frequently used forms of advertising. Many also know them under the term PPC, which stands for Pay-per-click. Articles can be advertised specifically to be displayed in the SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) of Amazon. Every click is charged by Amazon. In addition to the organic results, you can “buy” your places here. The orientation of the campaigns can be done in “automatic” and “manual”:

Assignment of search terms (keywords) to the respective articles by self-defined as well as researched keywords.

The assignment of search terms (keywords) to the respective articles is done automatically by Amazon.

Note #1

Both directions allow the use of “negative keywords”, which can be a real gain if keywords are no longer to be considered, but also to ensure a clean structure of the campaigns.


Note #2

Many users painstakingly search for “outliers”, i.e. articles or keywords that only convert poorly, i.e. possibly have a high proportion of ACoS. This can quickly lead to wrong decisions, as the fees per campaign are calculated on the basis of clicks and the average CPC (cost per click). Individual articles and keywords are therefore usually not decisive for a negative result.

Support by MiToU

We have been optimizing our customers’ sponsored products since 2016. This has given us not only the necessary expertise, but also the foresight to quickly assess campaigns and thus uncover optimization potential. The ACoS (Average Cost of Sales) is too high for most customers.

We decided to develop our own system to optimize the campaigns, which will be used exclusively for our customers. This system allows us an extremely frequent synchronization with the data on Amazon.

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Sponsored Brands

What used to be known as Headline Search Ads is now called Sponsored Brands (SB for short). The main differences to Sponsored Products are that several articles are advertised and the playout is horizontally above the other products (also Sponsored Products) in SERP.

Three products are displayed in a preview and a “slogan” is displayed in addition. Another possibility to use the Sponsored Brands is to link to your own Shop.

Note #1

If one of the items advertised in the Sponsored Brands is not available, the entire campaign will not be played.

Note #2

The display of products also includes the display of reviews. Here you should always pay attention to “which” products are currently being advertised, so that this does not have a negative effect on the conversion.

Support by MiToU

Our campaign team accesses the resources of keyword reports and external data to create, monitor and optimize optimally aligned sponsored brands. We can also use our tool to monitor sponsored brands, add keywords and adjust budgets.

Product Display Ads

The Product Display Ads are only available with AMS access (Marketing Services). With the appropriate access, products of the competition can be “advertised” in a targeted manner.The own advertising banner will be displayed at the present place, hopefully to direct the inclined buyer to the own product and to motivate him to buy it.

The alignment can also take place with the alignment according to “interest”, whereby the corresponding category is selected here and the products are then played out with articles created there.


The match by “interest” allows a quicker setup of the campaigns and in addition, new articles listed in the corresponding category are advertised. The setup of campaigns according to ASINs, on the other hand, is more precise and allows a focus on the main competition.

Support by MiToU

Our campaign team accesses the resources of the keyword reports and thus obtains an overview of the articles that were frequently used as “entry pages”. This allows the articles to be specifically advertised and optimised. This allows the articles to be specifically advertised and optimised. For relevant articles, new campaigns are built up step by step.

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