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We often get in touch with merchants that want to sell their products on Amazon or ebay. At that point it’s recommended to broaden the horizon. Alibaba is right after Amazon the topdog in e-commerce and is just as Rakuten very popular in Asia. The marketplaces are growing enormously and are especially interesting for merchants who want to sell their products in other countries and reach a bigger target audience.

It’s recommended to look at smaller platforms like Real.de, Allyouneed, hood.de or DaWanda, because these marketplaces are on the advance and to watch them can be worth it. Everybody who wants to be successful with online trading, can’t ignore other marketplaces and is forced to use as many marketplaces as possible. The two biggest advantages of online-marketplaces are the high range and the development of new customer groups. Another advantage is the possibility to ship your products to other countries.

The Question is, which marketplace besides Amazon is relevant for your business.

Online marketplaces

Which marketplace is relevant to you?

The increasing number of platforms makes it difficult for many retailers to find the right marketplace for their products. With many years of experience, we can help you avoid the mistakes made by thousands before you and identify the right target group and marketplace. Our consulting services and recommendations are practical and instantly realizable. We take care of monitoring all operational procedures and processes and intervene where necessary.

With us at your side and the right multi-channel strategy it is your product that the customer buys.


How it looks like…

Merchants and manufacturers who sell their products exclusively via their own online shop or locally via retail and wholesale quickly reach their limits. Especially for smaller companyies that have not yet built up a strong and big brand, it is important to place your products at the right time, in the right place and with the right measures. Manufacturers often have no control over their products, as these products are distributed uncharitably by resellers over the internet and do not comply with the list prices.

On average, almost half of all online purchases in Germany are made on the smartphone and many product searches are no longer carried out via Google, but directly on the respective market places like Amazon, eBay, Rakuten or Allyouneed.

In order to sell your products successfully on these marketplaces, many elaborate and complex measures are necessary, which build on each other. Often merchants and manufacturers lack the necessary knowledge to sell their products effectively or mistakes are made which are very difficult to fix later and have lasting negative consequences.


How it should look like…

We at MiToU focus our work exactly on these problems and help merchants and manufacturers to optimally place their products and brands on the marketplaces and to avoid mistakes. But our work does not end there: continuous optimization and ensuring that all processes function smoothly is also an important part of our work.

You would like to start in a marketplace but don’t know what the necessary steps are? Or are you already active in one or more marketplaces, but are always struggling with annoying and seemingly unsolvable problems?

Contact us now, we’ll take care of it. In just one interview we gain insight into your current situation and we can identify errors and potential. In 30 to 60 minutes we will give you an overview free of charge, allowing you to benefit from our experience.

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