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Blocked seller accounts
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Blocked seller accounts regularly give sellers headaches and existential fears. On various portals the background of this dependency is discussed again and again. Usually, the reasons are simple and relatively quick to clear out of the world. MiToU has been offering active support for suspended seller accounts for four years. During this period several thousand seller accounts have been reactivated with a quota of 95%. Research is the main focus of the work. A basic understanding of the internal checking mechanisms of Amazon, eBay or other platforms is beneficial.

Generally, you cannot set a time limit for a potential reactivation of the accounts. The processing time varies depending on investigator of the case, the communication with the seller, the completeness of required documents and the general research.

IMPORTANT: Before any actions occur, an account analysis is performed by MiToU. It happens very often that sellers do not pay attention or ignore important details. MiToU has no influence on the processing time of the respective employees of the platforms. Cost of our support is measured by the level of difficulty and the effort involved.


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